Mollono.Bass – No Silence feat. Kuoko (Remix by Super Flu) [Review]

Let’s make a remix! That’s not an easy task if you ask me. To make a quality remix, one that stands on its own and furthers the original song, needs effort. It’s fine -and perhaps it’s even desirable- if the remix is worlds apart from the original version, if it gives a totally different perspective. It’s fine if it makes small interventions here and there. It is absolutely important though, for the two versions to interact with one another and to show that study of the original tune has taken place.

What is happening here, is exactly this. Super Flu made a song with its own character which respects the original version to the fullest.

Mollono.Bass creates music that doesn’t go unnoticed. His original track of ‘No Silence’ is mellow with Kuoko’s unforgettable voice dominating this tech house production. You can feel the warm sensation flow.

Then, check this out, you get an edgier version with the remix, courtesy of Super Flu. This is achieved by the evolving, heavily processed and in many cases, detuned synth line which leads the track. To us, it sounds as the kind of song to be heard on a Stephan Bodzin dj set. It leaves absolutely no space for silence. Ready to serve at any point during the day or night time and keep you moving – which is the whole point after all!

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