‘making something funky’ | Interview with Maffmatix

‘Wake Up’ is your favourite tech-house, floor filler, pleasantly interrupted by the warm melody delivered by Atiya. Maffmatix is the person behind it and this is what’s going on inside his head! Read our interview below.

Describe your sound in three words!

Spontaneous, Energetic & Contagious!

How did you decide to start Shrell Records?

I have been making music for nearly two decades purely for fun and out of passion, but as it has slowly and inevitably become mixed in with the business side of things, I decided to at least start a label, just in case I might need it. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t also just a fun thing to do, like starting a “movie company” when you’re 13 years old. Regardless, I used Ditto Music to get my music on Beatport, which registered SHRELL RECORDS officially. I’ll let it grow organically, as my music is my main concern.

What do you love the most about Bangkok?

Bangkok is my favorite city on Earth and I’ve travelled a lot. My favorite thing about Bangkok is the level of comfort I experience on a day to day basis here. Ease of travel, cost, safety; there are many aspects of living in Bangkok that just make quality of life better because things are easier; comfier. It’s also fun as hell.

How would you describe the music scene there?

It’s always been an intimate thing. There’s something cool about the music scene in Bangkok because if you play music in one way or another, and you go out there and put in work, music fans will come and see you. You’ll grow fans, both local and from abroad. You’ll feel like you’re known, and you celebrate that. But it’s always on (what feels like) a smaller scale, which is sometimes odd for such a big city (10.5 million people). When I DJ or play with my band Rock Shreller, we have actual fans come out to see us, plus new folks, every show, and it’s great. There’s a wide variety of tastes in Bangkok, yet people seem to give everyone a chance and are willing to listen to anything and everything. Quality and creativity trumps all.

Is there anything you miss about L.A?

I miss the charm of certain neighborhoods in L.A. I left because of the disgusting Hollywood machine, in which I had ultimately become a cog, but I left behind some really fun, cute and charming nooks within the beast that is Los Angeles. L.A. is huge and there’s plenty of interesting and cool things to do / see /experience, but it can’t and will not ever compare to Bangkok. Interestingly enough, both BKK and LA are called “The City Of Angels” by their respective residents. I guess I’m just an angel.

Would you like to share a nice moment or story from your touring days?

My touring days had been exclusive to my band Rock Shreller until I started officially touring as a DJ in 2020, but even in my freshman year I still have some interesting stuff as Maffmatix. In December of 2020, I got to DJ at my first music festival entitled “Hey- Where Is My Elephant?” on the island of Koh Chang, Thailand (actually “koh” means island and “chang” means elephant). I got to be a part of the team and really experience the pre-planning & setup (in BKK) and execution (on the island) of a music festival. It was SO MUCH FUN. My girlfriend even got brought on as the art director, which she nailed.

After the collaboration with Atiya, what is the next name you’d like to join forces with?

My next collaboration is already in the works, with none other than the lead actor from the “Wake Up” music video with Atiya. His name is Jason and he’s quite the talented performer with a strong voice, a penchant for all things creative and a hilarious wild-side. We’re already in the studio now making something funky.

What’s next for you?

With the new year coming and Bangkok on the cusp of either containing or succumbing to a second, strong wave of covid surges, I’m gonna stay creative, spend a lot of time in the studio and keep my mind as clear as possible through meditation, exercise & good conversations with my closest friends. Stay positive and treat your neighbors with love! Thank you 🙂

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