Sounds to keep you company though winter | An interview with Rubim de Toledo

  • Describe your sound in three words!

Jazz World Fusion

  • You have released a new album called ‘The Dig’ What is this album all about?

Due to Covid-19, recording an acoustic jazz record with a live band in the studio was not a possibility. With this in mind, I decided to record a self-produced record in my home studio. While I usually compose my music, play bass, and mix my albums, on this one, The Dig, I ended up playing guitar, percussion, and some keyboards as well. The other instruments were recorded remotely by the musicians Bob Tildesley (trumpet), Chris Andrew (Keys), Jim Brenan (Sax), Jamie Cooper (Drums).

Due to this process, I was able to implement many of my different influences like Brazilian, Cuban, Afrobeat, Jazz, and funk grooves and really be able to focus on arranging the production elements of the tracks to make it all work.

  • Was it a positive experience to collaborate remotely for the making of the new album? Were there any challenges that you faced during the process?

Recording remotely was a challenge because I could not control the sound characteristics of the tracks I received. I could also not give real-time feedback to get the exact performance I wanted on each track by each musician. However, the session musicians were incredible and their tracks were really inspiring. In the end, it all worked better than I initially imagined. I learned a lot about the process and feel positive about continuing to work like this if needed in the future.

  • How do you think the ‘new normal’ will be in relation to gigs?

For the short term, I think gigs will be slow to re-emerge. Especially where I live in Edmonton, Canada. The winters are cold and long. We realistically won’t be able to do outdoor gigs till late spring here. However, I believe there will be a renaissance regarding art, culture, and music in the long run. People will be tired of staying home and watching TV or the internet. Hopefully, the public will have a renewed appetite for live music.

  • What is your favourite album of the past year?

I honestly haven’t checked out too much new music lately but did discover some older music. One of the albums that I got into this year was Organic Music Society by Don Cherry. It is very eclectic. A lot of world influences, and creative jazz exploration.

  • Who is your favourite bass player?

Very difficult to answer. I am so interested in so many different types of music that bass players from different genres appeal to me differently.

Jazz – Christian McBride
Fusion – Jaco Pastorius
Studio/Session – Pino Palladino
Latin – Alain Perez
Groove – Meshell Ndegeocello

  • Any plans for the near future?

I hope to continue writing new music. Record more remote tracks and start including more refined video content to accompany them.

  • Tell us something that most people don’t know about you.

Ah, if I told, then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore!

Thank you Rubim!

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