There’s no escape to being | Interview with Arg0ta

From his bedroom to the world, Arg0ta’s diy blend of experimental pop will stick in your mind. Read our discussion with the Miami based artist below.

  • Describe your sound in three words

Ambitious, nostalgic and melancholic

  • How did you start making music?

Well, I actually downloaded audacity and started layering vocals and ad libs, I couldn’t actually sing at the time so I made satirical ballads for girls in my high school over distorted non copyright piano, then my best friends thought it was hilarious and wanted to get on it. So we released these stupid a** comedic songs, then I started to dig deep and learn FL studio and actually make my own beats for us to sing over. I wanted to take it seriously because it was more than just fun for me it was what I genuinely enjoy doing. Sad fully my friends didn’t feel the same way but I kept going and learning as much as I could, decided to teach myself to sing, write, produce, I’ve always been raised with the Do-It-Yourself mentality so it came natural to become addicted to learning.

  • We’d like to hear a few things about your EP please.

it’s a 6 track EP that incapsulates Arg0ta’s unresolved issues from a dark past and a bright future. It sets the stage inside Arg0ta’s mind where he has this internal conflict. Throughout the EP Arg0ta talks with his younger self trying to understand who he is in this huge world. From influences like Frank Ocean, Buddy Ross, Rex Orange County, and Bill Withers, You get a tasteful mix of futuristic sound design, hauntingly beautiful vocals and ethereal jazz-inspired progressions that dance around your ears in a spiral of confusing and unsettling emotions that you the listener gets to sit in front of and witness as Arg0ta goes through a sort of metamorphizes with every track, Arg0ta takes a step closer to who he is.

  • Will people understand your song ‘Alone’ you think? Will you mind if they don’t?

If you pay close attention you could definitely understand it, it also isn’t meant to be understood in any certain way, it’s meant for anyone who’s ever felt alone in the presence of love. I don’t mind if anyone misunderstands my initial intention when writing any song because they will come to an understanding of their own and ultimately that’s a beautiful thing.

  • What music did you use to listen to as a teenager?

A lot of Beatles, a lot of Indie music, linkin park was pretty huge for me so was Rihanna and I like to think I was listening to bedroom pop before it was known as bedroom pop I noticed bands like Boy Pablo and The Maria’s before they were established and I thought “ wow that’s fucking cool I can really make any kind of music I want” I always had this stigma that I NEEDED to make hip hop or pop in order to make good music. So it was refreshing to see kids my age doing it themselves their way it was and is extremely inspiring.

  • Do you have someone that you think has influenced you greatly as a person and/or artist?

The moment I heard ASAP Rocky talk about this Frank Ocean guy and how he finessed a label out of 20 million dollars I had to find out who he was because I knew someone that’s forward thinking like that is someone I HAVE to learn from. To my surprise Blonde is to this day the album that forever changed my perspective on music and myself as a person. That man is a huge inspiration for me, the quality and meticulous production in his work is a standard I’ve set for myself.

  • If you could wake up and have a new skill, what would that be?

Backflipping is a skill I’ve always wanted to have under my belt so I can just do it in my performances, it’s a bit scary so I haven’t really committed to it… I will one day !

  • Do you have a dream venue you’d like to play?

I have a few but right now the one that’s on my mind is iii points. I’m manifesting myself playing by 2022

  • Thank you!

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