The Art of Live Looping | Interview with Amanda Ghatorra

Straight from berlin, Amanda Ghatorra talks about her upcoming album, the challenges of live looping and how her music is attached to her travels. Read our discussion below!

Describe your sound in three words please!

Dreamy, mysterious, intimate

You have an album coming out soon, titled ‘Seasons’. Would you like to tell us a few words behind the idea of this work?

My album ’Seasons’ is a conceptual album, which means I keep on creating the songs in real-time with the seasons. My idea behind it is that everything in life is in constant change, and just as the seasons keep on changing, also my songs shift a bit in their mood, lyrics and genres. Summer for example has a very light and joyous vibe and features genres like Indie-Soul and Nu-Jazz. Winter has a much heavier vibe and the productions are quite electronic. I like to play around and to try new stuff!

What is the biggest challenge or limit in the Art of Live Looping? And who is your favorite live looping artist?

The biggest challenge in Live Looping is that in itself it is quite challenging for 1 person to be in charge of the whole musical setup and performance. I need several days to just manage to practice the technical performance of the loops, and at that point the musical side of the performance needs somehow to be automated already. On the other hand Live Looping is great to be creative! I really like to build up and compose songs like that. My favourite Live Looping artist is Tash Sultana!

You have travelled around the world for some time. How attached is music to the different cultures you visited? Would you say that non-Western cultures have a closer relation with music and sounds?

I would say that the way in which my music is attached to my travels is that I actually just really started writing songs while travelling! I somehow felt that I needed another way to process all of the different experiences, unspoken words and challenges, so I just started writing! So my music is not directly attached to the different cultures I visited, but to the experiences I made and the people I met. It is hard to say if non-Western cultures have a closer relation to music, as everyone relates to music in a very unique way. But I think in general people all around the world have in common that they love music, it somehow seems to open up a space within them.

Who would make a dreamy collaboration?

I love Alice Phoebe Lou’s vibe 🙂

Are live gigs ever going to be the same post-COVID?

No one knows what will happen in the future, I think the best we can do is hoping fo the best and keep on creating for each other.

What is your favourite album of the previous year?

My favourite album was ((( 2 ))) by ((( O ))) (The Sundrop Garden)

You have said that all of your lyrics are autobiographical. Can you pick (or create) a lyric that represents you the most at this period?

I’d say the lyric that represents me the most right now is ‘Ruby’, my single for Summer. Though I also really like to write about quite dark topics, in general I’m quite a positive person and I try to appreciate the lighter and more playful parts of life. Of course right now, many questions may arise in everyone of us, uncertainty or even sadness. But I think when we went through that, it is important to turn to the light again and appreciate that life also always has many many beautiful sides to offer and never ceases to surprise us.

What is the one thing that we should know about you?

Maybe the one thing to know is that I believe that deep within, basically we’re all the same. We all want to be happy, to be loved and to love. I think it would be nice to start appreciating the things that unite us in each other, rather than keep on adding stuff to ourselves to individualise our personalities.

Thank you!

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