Good musicianship isn’t elitist. | Interview with three and me

Emotional vocal delivery and tunes that will put a nostalgic smile on your face. Smoke and Mirrors really is something else . Read our discussion with three and me, below!

  • Describe your sound in three words!

Post-modern folk (PoMoFo!)

  • Smoke and mirrors is definitely fit to be a film soundtrack, the only question is… which film would that be?

The next Bond movie (please)

  • Could you share a most remembered experience from a gig?

Playing songs live on the Sky News open-top election bus through the night

  • What is your favourite album of the past year?

Fiona Apple’s ’Fetch the Bolt Cuttters’

  • You released the ‘three and me’ EP back in 2014 and you have been creating beautiful singles ever since. Has your sound changed over this period and if so in what direction?

Thank you. We’re told we’ve never been easy to categorise in terms of genre but we’re experimenting more with percussion, ambient sounds, jazz and Latin motifs…

  • Should we expect an album in the near future?

We’ve a new EP coming out early in 2021. It will include the current single ‘Smoke and Mirrors, along with new tracks ‘Lovers Song’, ‘Nobody Knows’ and a left-field cover!

  • Jazz music as a genre has been accused as music for snobs. Is jazz music elitist?

We’re really into vocal jazz which in many ways was the mainstream pop of its day. Good musicianship isn’t elitist.

  • What do you enjoy most? Writing music or performing your music live? What would be your dream performance venue?

Great question. To be honest, drinking red wine and laughing when we’re supposed to be rehearsing is our favourite pastime. But – like everyone else – we’re really missing gigging. We’d love to play as part of Meltdown Festival at London’s South Bank like our friends Young Marble Giants did.

Thank you, three and me!

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