Bløm x ProjectE – MOON [Review]

‘Moon’ is a late-December release by polish-born, Denmark-based artist, Bløm. On the production side, sits ProjectE, who seems to have the love and skills for electronic music instilled in his German roots, with a focus on Deep House, Minimal and melodic techno.

The two artists have embarked on a collaboration which has definitely bloomed and other work of theirs includes songs such as Nostalgia, Nowhere and Utopian Life (Remix by ProjectE). All tracks are danceable each one giving out a quite different vibe from the other.

The voice of Bløm fills an otherwise dark, electro instrumental with a spoonful of sweetness. Slow in tempo with deep synths blended brilliantly with the heavy use of a stereo panning effect.
If you are, too, one of those people who find electronic to be one of the sexiest genres…
If you have a soft spot for love songs, but even if you don’t…
Then this is your go-to track!

Dance along, you will want to!

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