Interview with Murakumo

Sensuous, intelligent electronic music with ambient elements and a melacholic touch. Read our discussion with the Dutch producer.

  • Describe your sound in three words!

Ambient, melancholic, beats

  • You prefer to remain anonymous. What does this serve?

I don’t really think it’s important that people know me. I just hope I can make some people happy with my music.

  • You were part of the ‘Ludique’ duo. This is a solo project. When it comes to collaboration which is the biggest challenge?

We didn’t really clash during our collaboration and almost always agreed with each other. I would say both of us working full-time at a certain point besides making music was the biggest challenge.

  • Is songwriting a lonely process?

It is sometimes, especially at the moments where nothing seems to work out. But at the same time, when it goes well or when it’s time to finally release something, I think it’s absolutely worth the time on your own.

  • For this project I would bet that Burial is amongst your influences.  Which artist inspires you the most?

I love Burial, I think the project file of Come And Show me was called ‘burial-ish’ at a certain point. It’s hard to name one artist, I think I’m being influenced by all kinds of music, from metal to jazz and techno to drum and bass. Two artists that I listen to a lot and inspire me are Jon Hopkins and Rival Consoles.

  • When it comes to live perfomance, is realistically Electronika a genre that can be performed live? 

I’ve seen some very nice live sets from artists and I think it’s absolutely possible to peform electronic music live but I honestly wouldn’t have a clue how to do it myself.

  • In which place or state of mind do you imagine people might listen to your music?

I often hear people say they listen to my music while working or relaxing. At the same time I can imagine it being played in a dj set in a club somewhere.

  • What was the best film you have watched during the quarantine?

Even though it was quite a morbid movie, I have to say I really enjoyed Raw (2016). I’ve also been rewatching a lot of Studio Ghibli movies lately.

  • Have you figured out your plans for this NYE?

No plans yet.

  • Thank you!

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