Tom Ashbrook – Solitude II [Review]

“In the first few weeks of lockdown I was feeling so cut off missing people and this melody just came out”. This is how Tom Ashbrook has described the inspiration behind the song, Solitude II.

While we can argue that lockdown (1 & 2) has been experienced differently by people based on their income, health, support network, country of residence and so many other factors, I think it is fair to say that almost everyone can relate to a feeling of solitude that has been developed or exacerbated during this period of social isolation.

For some, being alone is a way to be always, when others have no idea how to manage themselves in this state. Solitude can be stressful but it can also bring calmness once you accept it as something natural and only when your introvert aspect is not closing you off life . It’s a strange mixed feeling, isn’t it? How much solitude do we need? I guess it depends on each person’s character.

The reason I’m saying this is because I’m thinking that if we all experienced this ‘me time’ while on lockdown then we should be able to relate with the song too. Does it bring you peace? Does it make you sad? Does it play on the background as a gentle sound to accompany your main activity? Do you sit on the couch and focus on the music?

No matter the reaction it provokes, there is almost definitely a point of connection between the artist and the listener which I believe is achieved through the simplicity of the song and the long reverb effect which creates a supernatural atmosphere for someone to traverse through.

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