Oenothera | Interview with Konchord

Konchord is one of these artists who make you feel proud for knowing. Mainly because by listening to their songs you can hear their love for music and their imagination taking shape. Read our discussion below!

  • Describe your sound in three words please!

Spacey, Psychedelic, In Tune

  • What sparked your involvement with music?

I started composing and recording music together with my band. And even before that I learned to play the piano while growing up in a very musical family. Not sure really if I had a choice doing music, I always did and probably will always be making music, as long as I can.

  • You have just released your album ‘Oenothera’. Would you like to introduce the album to our audience?

Yes, sure. It’s a slow melodic techno three-track EP that delivers atmospheric productions with sharp synths, uplifting melodies, driving basslines, and euphoric arrangements. “Oenothera” takes the listener on a musical journey with a nostalgic techno style combined with a modern psychedelic rock sound. From the euphoric and melodic title track “Oenothera” to the darker-toned, powerful “Dark Blue Contrails”, it delivers melodic bliss combined with ear-gracing instrumentation. It’s a distinctive sound as it is techno with my own blend. With the third track, “Physical Frame // Only Flow”, this EP maintains a fully charged arsenal of high-octane music that supports the fact that. The EP will be available on all digital streaming platforms on December 4th and is distributed via Bandcamp.

  • Many producers only focus on the production part while you seem to also incorporate melodic elements in your tracks. Tell us a few things about your creative process.

Yes, I love melodies. A lot of my music is created while I jam on the piano or on my synths and while playing, I tend to create a lot of melodic elements.

  • The bpm of your song ‘Oenothera’ is relatively slow. Do you consider the track club- friendly? In which state of mind do you consider people listening to it?

The bpm is 102.27. It happened while tapping in the bpm for the project. In a club where they play downtempo music, I think this track definitely fits, especially as an intro track. Otherwise I see it also for home listening and podcasts.

  • Which song of the album represents you the most?

All of them 🙂

  • Your music feels as it could be playing in the background as one reads a sci-fi book. Are you into reading? Do you have a book you love?

Actually I’m not so much into reading. Sometimes I do though, but usually not so much sci-fi books. But I love sci-fi movies and series like Dark. A book I really love however is “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

  • What is the one habit/thing you cannot live without?

Making and listening to music.

  • Thank you!

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