Diablo Swing Orchestra – Aurora [Review]

Diablo Swing Orchestra (DSO) is a band from Sweden and already counting 17 years of making music. They describe themselves as Avant-garde Metal but their songs really have everything.

They use elements of jazz, rock, swing even classical music but to say that they blend them nicely would be an understatement because really they transform them. Once you listen to one song you will – for sure- click on another.

You don’t have to take my word for it, you simply have to listen to ‘Aurora’, which is a 2012 song taken by their album ‘Pandora’s Pinata’ (the imaginative song titles are another reason to like them). Despite the 8 year’s of its existence, this track never sounds old – on the contrary- it is quite an awakening sound.

Aurora is one of DSO’s most atmospheric songs. It travels you to a fairytale or more precisely to a sophisticated, animated short film for adults. Take the leap and open the door of wonders by hitting play.

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