CoastalDives & Henry Blaeser – Ghost II [review]

Columbus-based electronic artist CoastalDives teams up with fellow Columbus resident, Henry Blaeser for the new track, Ghost II.

There are many elements that make this song noteworthy: The basis of it, the deep bass, sidechain compressed by the dominant kick, fills the room while the vocal morphs add to the already organic texture of the song. There is this superficially minimal approach which however hides a rich multilayer progression and as such creates a song with depth. The more you listen to it, the more you appreciate it. Ghost II balances between reality and illusion. It could transform your wet shower room into that small intimate underground venue where the night focuses less on everything else and more on the vibe that this kind of music can create.  

The track is released under Chile’s renowned No Problema Tapes imprint. Listen below!

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