We were about to rename ourselves the black cats | Interview with Mind Affect

  • Describe your sound in three words please

We would say that our sound is eclectic, dynamized by powerful riffs and shiny clean parts with an alternative structure. We work a lot on the sound and the effects that we use because we believe that it is what makes a band recognizable. 

  • You have just released your debut album ‘Emma’. Tell us a bit about the concept of the album and your creative process.

Our album EMMA talks about how alcohol, drugs and society in general can destroy a normal human being. There are some love stories but also just personal experiences. 

We created a character, called EMMA, in order to write the songs and really talk about personal experiences or experiences that our friends had. It was a way to say what we wanted to say through her. 

  • Which are your major musical influences?

The three of us have different inspiration but Muse, Radiohead, Placebo or Linkin Park are the biggest inspiration. Then we also love Royal Blood for the riffs, Bring me the Horizon for the breakdowns, Arctic Monkeys or even the Australians Northlane with the sick guitar leads. 

  • Do you think that writing lyrics in English has become a necessity so the songs can be accessible to a wider audience? Do you make French versions of your songs too?

We have tried to write songs in French, but it suddenly feels too real. It is really hard to write songs in French especially in rock music because it is a genre that comes from England. So, we never tried to make French versions for now and I don’t think we will for now. We have listened to English speaking bands our entire life some of us lived in the USA or Australia, so we have no problem speaking English. 

In order to reach people that listen to our genre, we need to write in English because the rock scene in France does not have the same potential at all than the rock scene in the UK, Germany or Australia.

  • Has the Covid -19 pandemic affected your work process in any way and how did you adjust to the new reality?

We are definitely the unluckiest band in Paris I think. 

So first, we had a gig planned on the 14th of March. It had been a long time since we hadn’t played. So it was like our big come back. But the pandemic was getting bigger and bigger so it got cancelled last minute. Then the all of Europe was under lockdown. So that also stopped the producing of the album because we didn’t have all the tools necessary to record at home at that time. 

Then, when things got better, we planned 2 smalls gigs. The first one got cut halfway and the second one was cancelled. That was really hard for us. We were about to rename ourselves the black cats haha.

And finally, the album came out the 30th of October, date of the start of the 2nd lockdown in France. So we were not able to celebrate properly the release of the album. 

But we have forgotten about playing live for now. Today we are concentrated on writing songs and producing them. We are currently working on the second album that will be quite different. We have the necessary material now and we Facetime each other every day. 

When times will get better, we will be ready to show people what we have been working on for so long

  • Your music has an emotionally dark aspect. Does this reflect the band’s character as well? 

We are quite nice in real life we love making comedy videos that we send to our friends. Writing is more like the escape that we want to reach. But no, we are cool dudes that just want to have fun with music. 

  • What is your favorite album of the past year?

Well, except from our album haha. We might not all agree on that but personally I’ve listened a lot to the new The Hunna album called “I’d rather die than let you in”. Love these guys. Also, Bring me the Horizon just released their new record and I love it. It is my album for this second lockdown.

Outside of the rock genre, I loved the Franc Moody album “Dance moves” or “Carte Blanche” from DJ Snake. 

  • What advice would you give to your younger self?

Be patient, things take time. Don’t rush by sending application or things when you are not ready. I feel like now with the album now we have another status.  We are not just little beginners anymore; we are ready to send our music and our message into the world. 

I think we stepped forward and now we are looking for people to join the project and help us move forward. We have ambitions for our second album that are way higher than the second one. And also, I would tell myself to have as much fun as I can while making music. That is what we are doing now, and we love it. 

  • Thank you!

Mind Affect

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