C.J. – I Been [Review]

Let’s agree that it becomes more and more difficult to be impressed by hip hop tracks. They can be good, they can be catchy they might have everything and yet they fail to stick. They are boring. I’m sorry to say that but when it comes to the specific genre the stakes are really high. This is not necessarily bad, that means that the quality as gone up. It can be lil’ bit stressful though when one hopes that their song will set them apart.

Luckily for C.J. this should not be in his list of things to worry about.

Released just over a month ago, on the 17th October, as part of his ‘B4 I Rise’ EP, ‘I Been’ is a carefully crafted song with lots of potential to be a regular on your morning radio show playlist.

It is mainstream but it’s not generic. The instrumental blends the classic 808 elements with a filtered and in many moments chopped choir loop which manages to sound rich without having the hihats on the focus. Vocal delivery is raw, on point and with an infectious hook. There is something in the way he raps that brings to mind Kendrick Lamar. Listen below!

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