Windchime | Interview with Phillip Hamilton

  • Describe your sound in three words

Intriguing, Smooth, Warming

  • Who is your favourite Guitarist?

Oh sheesh, too many to list just one, hahah. I would have to say George Benson, Larry Carlton, Tom Misch, Mansur Brown, John Mayer, Mike Einziger, Pat Metheny & Aaron Marshall just to name a few.

  • Software companies move rapidly on developing VST Plugins that sound like actual Guitars. We may not be there yet, but what is your view on this topic?

I believe VST’s are an extension of ones creativity. I’m all for and a big believer in helping artists and creatives achieve their sounds in whichever way is beneficial for them. However, there are some instruments that can’t achieve certain sounds like a real-time recording can. For example, pick attack, bends, that “feeling” a player gets when they’re in the groove and really connecting with the song, it just can’t be replicated.
I use VST’s on some of my other instruments, but some tracks may require that real live tone where a VST necessarily wouldn’t work. So for me, its all about the feel, intention and purpose behind the creation of the track. Whatever helps an artists achieve that, I can’t knock it.

  • What is your favorite album of the past year?

“What Kinda Music” By Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes – easily one of the best for me, followed by Pat Metheny’s “From This Place”.

  • If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

To give artists more recognition on the time, effort and resources they spend on creating music. I feel like in today’s world, the instant gratification spent on putting out and receiving music is normal, opposed to allowing artists to spend 1+ year(s) to release meaningful music and respecting and having that reflect in the streaming world. I’m not only just an artist/musician, but I’m also a business owner and entrepreneur, so I fully understand and see how every single musician/artist is being undervalued when it comes to the streaming world.

  • Jazz music as a genre has been accused as music for snobs. Is jazz music elitist?

I wouldn’t say Jazz is music for snobs or elitist, that’s like saying Country music is only for people in the country hahah, I would say everyone has their own taste, Jazz might appeal to those with more of a refined taste in music in terms of colorful or odd chords, complex lines running together and working off of each other. I look at Jazz like I look at someone trying Sushi for the first time, hit them with something that looks a mess, but taste delicious, they might have some questions; but plate them something that looks less questionable, they will give it a try, lol.

  • Which book should we read while listening to your music?

Any book that helps you reflect on your inner-being; anything that allows you to attain more knowledge to seed into someone else and anything that produces positivity within you to spread throughout your surroundings and individuals around you.

  • One last thing we should know about you?

Love everyone and everything around you. Be grateful, be kind, be generous & “Make Today Yours”.

  • Thank you!

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