Gen Bello – Espérame [Review]

Hailing from Harlem, New York, young artist Gen Bello teams up with producer Teatimejones in her latest song titled “Espérame” which in English means “Wait for me”. In the song vocals have been placed in the center of the production as Gen Bello delivers an expressive performance. The backing track combines a piano and a warm pad, while some extra electronic elements are added on the chorus. The beat, which is enriched with a percussion loop, has an classic r&b feeling. The chord progression which is very interesting indeed, remains unchanged throughout the whole song. Gen Bello’s new work is a midtempo song for the kind of people who would enjoy that classic r&b sound with a twist.  Imagine Sabrina Claudio mixed with H.E.R..  Previously know as Geneses and having already been featured in numerous spotity editorial playlists Gen Bello prepares her new project which will be coming early 2021.

Listen to the song below! 

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