What is the worst nightmare you have ever had? | Interview with Quibus

  • Describe your sound in three words

Dreamy, deep, otherworldly

  • Your music is club friendly but it can also be enjoyed at home. In which state of mind do you imagine people might listen to your music?

Thats a great question. I really hope it can be both. I keep listening to it at home, aswell as listening to it at a live-experience n mind when making the music. It needs to be danceable and dreamy at the same time. And not be in eacothers lane too much. Especially as a single. I made some more off ambient works, but now i’m trying to let tunes be the best of both worlds.
If the tune gets too dancy i tone it down a litle. In live-situations I could always play a more dangerous version. We actually did that with our first single. The ending has gone completely wild, which was the energetic and therefor most fun of our live performance concerning fun and synergy with an audience: 

  • Electronika and live performance. What is the golden rule? Accept the fact that some parts will be prerecorded or try to play live without caring about compromising your sound?

We used to play with a 6-piece live band. But a process like that – when playing music pre-produced by a producer – can be tiresome. Since there is not so much room for creativity as a group, the energy needs to come from other places for musicians. To keep a construct like that alive you either need immense passion, money, or succes. Since we stopped playing with a liveband in that sense, I did some dj-shows. But a DJ show on the other hand really misses the energy of synergy and musicality. So i’m looking into a setup that finds the sweet spot: An ableton live setup with loops/backingtraks + live musicians. When things grow bigger you can always expand. 😊

  • What would be your dream performance venue?

A classical music performance hall is amazing in its sense of atmosphere. But any place where people can really listen and enjoy music would do. I have a natural love for weird old places, like deserted industrial factories, or decaying ruins. Would love to do super special shows at unexpected locations, where nature is slowly taking control back.

  • If you had to choose one Synthesizer (analog or digital) which one would it be?

I absolutely love Serum. But I think the Prophet, Juno or minimoog wins by sound.

  • What is your favorite album of the past year?

It always differs in phases, but i discovered Portico Quartet and they make amazing music, also in the crossover between live music and electronica.

  • Do you remember your dreams? What is the worst nightmare you have ever had?

I often do. Worst nightmares must have been from when i was a kid, when i dreamt i was in a warzone situation and soldiers took away loved ones.

  • What was the best film you have watched during the quarantine?

A Ghost Story. Absolute must see! I (kinda) had to watch it from my script-coach. I’m writing a short film and he recommended me to see that movie to see a different kind of storytelling. Blew my mind how well made and well dosed it was, and deals with themes of existentialism, time, loneliness, death and spirituality.

  • One last thing we should know about you?

Well, i just hope you get some time to dream away on some of my music. I decided a month back to release more music since quarantine lockdown. The tunes began piling up. So if you like this, I definetly recommend finding more on our spotify.
We’re releasing a pretty consistent flow of music the coming months, so if you like the sound, follow us on socials to not miss out on any

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