CAPYAC – Mirror’s Eye/Going Within [Review]

This could be the song you hear when you step inside a store to buy a facemask – strange how they’ve become a fashion accessory huh?

So as you browse other pretty things you possibly can afford but shouldn’t buy, you catch yourself moving your head and body to a sweet song like ‘Mirror’s Eye/Going Within’.

I know them, you think. Wait, do I know them? You might have heard them before with ‘Speedracer’ or ‘Baby Make Money’ and in that case, kudos to your great taste in music. If not, it’s never too late to add some cool tunes to your day – which you can find here!

Their name is CAPYAC and they are a musical collective from L.A. With influences ranging from electronic music to jazz and funk, it is only expected when their wonderful collaborations result to wonderful music. The single ‘Mirror’s Eye/Going Within’ is a creation brought to life with a lil bit of help from Annabelle Maginnis, Def.sound and Teddy Roxpin.

Dance along by clicking below!

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