PayDro – Street Blessings [Review]

‘Street Blessings’ brings everything Trap has to offer in 2 minutes. Cincinnati’s own Paydro delivers his braggadocious verses about his blessings out the street. The beat produced by Yung Lan is driven by a dark and aggressive piano melody, a pattern that has been an industry standard in recent years. The instrumental, as you may already expect, is  dominated by the dope 808’s that follow the kick closely, ready to shake the room. Turn on your subwoofer and hit play to the video below that encapsulates perfectly the energy and the vibe Paydro accomplished.

Only wish I got is for my niggas to be free
All these damn fuck boys tryin trick me off the streets 
All these damn haters I feel like they are like the police
All rats gotta die I got my blessings out the street

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