What makes a song psychedelic? | Interview with Modern Bodies

  • Describe your sound in 3 words

Murky, Wandering, and Immersive

  • You said that “Sitting and Waiting” is your way of telling the world how your experience in this unstable time has translated into an art piece that reflects the principles of solitude amidst chaos. Did the lockdown help people realise the value of music and art in general?

Since the lockdown we’ve seen a decline in music being released. People are still doing it but it’s harder to reach people when you can’t tour the music in a live setting. It really shows that we as people have an inherent need for art and music, as it seems to soothe our reality. However, this has presented a great opportunity for artists to create.

  • Your music can be characterised as psychedelic. Firstly do you accept this label for your music? Also considering that this term is a bit abstract, what are the elements in your opinion that make a song “psychedelic”?

Our sound could certainly be described as psychedelic. Organic nature, eclectic time-signatures, jam-based nature, layers of sounds/effects/ and sonic texture can all contribute to the sound. We like to record live then go in and overdub a lot of parts. With Sitting and Waiting in particular, lyrically it’s more socially analytical as opposed to traditional pop human sensibility evaluation.

  • Should we expect a full album? Do people still listen to full albums?

If you’re dedicated enough to an artist, you’ll listen to the full album, but for the masses, especially with streaming playlists being so big, singles/short EP’s are more accessible. Taking the time to put together an art piece in the form of an album is a process that deserves appreciation, but with everyone discovering new music on Spotify playlists, it is a lot harder to break through. There will be a Modern Bodies album, we’ve got about 10 songs lined up.

  • What is your favorite album of the past decade?

Each of us gave our pick… Ganglion Reef by Wand, Black Focus by Yussef Kamaal, and Badge Epoque Ensemble’s self titled. These albums have definitely shaped the direction for Modern Bodies.

  • If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

The streaming model that forces bands to write singles that could get featured on a playlist rather than spending time crafting a unique album or EP is a weird trend these days. Spotify’s pricing/payment model is also very shady and they should pay artists more. At the same time, it is easier than ever to promote your music online, even though no one can tour right now. We would like to see an integration of streaming services and record labels to create more avenues for promotion within the apps.

  • Which book should we read while listening to your album?

Alan Watts- The Wisdom of Insecurity

  • One last thing we should know about you?

We work really hard to create something new that we would want to hear ourselves, and we stay conscious of the integrity in the music. We try to make music that we would want to see live and the goal is to make people feel the way we feel when we record the music.

  • Thank you!

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