Lutz Nikolaus Kratzer – Illumnistan [Review]

Impossible to remain unmoved

Unmöglich, ungerührt zu bleiben

Det är omöjligt att inte bli berörd 

Impossible de rester indifférent

I am willing to spend time trying to translate this into as many languages as possible so that non- English speaking audience can find out how good this song is.

Someone once said that ‘our only homeland is our childhood years’. If this is true, then I am a patriot for this song that takes you straight back in time to those mornings that you were watching your favourite cartoons on TV – not knowing they were called ‘anime’- wrapped in a blanket with milk dropping down your chin to your mom’s cushions.

Written by the Hamburger artist Lutz Nikolaus Kratzer, this is a romantic, vibrant and psychedelic track with a variety of references and a distinctive organic sound.

Have a sip!

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