Oli Barton & The Movement – Get Out

Autumn is here and I know you are craving knitted jumpers and new music that will send you through the roof.

Lucky for you, Oli Barton and The Movement (don’t ask which movement) have already made provisions to supply you with the latter, with song ‘Get Out’ which came out on October 2nd.

The song benefits from a catchy and memorable melody, while the ear-pleasing vocals will place it among your top ten tracks of your morning list, whether you are headed to school, work, grocery store (don’t forget your mask!) .

Get Out is a song with the potential to be a big success, partly owing to its defining lyrics which set it apart. Despite its joyful spirit, the song addresses the serious and typical problematic attitudes of stalking, sexual harassment and people (yes, I mean men here) not accepting that No means No.

Listen Below!

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