Anna B Savage – A Common Tern [Review]

A Common Tern is a mid tempo atmospheric rock piece where breezy guitars meet the signature storytelling of Anna B Savage. Its story starts in a fishing lake. You may have never been in a lake. You may hate fishing. But It doesn’t really matter. Anna B Savage has a peculiar charisma that transfers you in her own universe revealing her feelings, fealing you may have also experienced yourself. 

What do you love about me?
I love how much you love me.

Replace the scene with something more familiar to you. It is that moment you realize it is over. The end of an era. And there is nothing you can do about it.

Her debut album A Common Turn, to be released Jan 29th via City Slang. Watch below the electrifying video directed by Anna B Savage and Jem Talbot.

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