Ones – gratitude always [Review]

There comes a day when you look back at you life and count the wins and losses.

For some people this happens on a big birthday.

For others towards the final years of their lives.

Some need to experience an intense event to spark the necessity to evaluate their choices while others are in a habit of a reflective on their life paths no matter the circumstances.

It’s no peace of cake and I think it’s important to have the suitable soundtrack to get you through it.

Good music can be a potion of strength. Good music will be there to push through when you need to toughen’ up and make decisions.

The following project consists of personal and truly emotional tracks created by the London – based producer ‘Ones’. Each song features excerpts of their estranged parents conversations. It’s not cheesy. It’s an authentic London sound that feels like drops of long anticipated rain.

Listen below!

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