Family Mart – My Anarcha-Feminist Crush

It all started when not so long ago, I saw an article about Anarchy in one of the most mainstream teen magazines. This is new, I thought to myself.

Then, I noticed teenagers of all genders wearing this ‘feminist’ T -shirts and boy, was I pleased to see this?

For the younger readers this might seem like a very normal, quite unsurprising thing, but I believe that the older generations will agree that being an anarchist and/or a feminist was never an easy identity to carry.

People who identified as such have been and indeed in many cases continue to be on the receiving end of various types of attacks, stigma and suspiciousness as being criminals, hysterical, unreasonably violent and so on.

While many believe that anarchism and feminism are subcultures I would invite you to consider and approach them as counter- cultures in order to better understand their values and claims.

True to this generalised spirit of being unapologetic about your beliefs and alliances, Family Mart have created the song My Anarcha -Feminist Crush, which came out on the 30th September.

Family Mart is a Texas – based band which you might already know from their song For Eric.

My Anarcha- Feminist Crush is has mellow vocals, an awakening sound and some kick us lyrics!

Enjoy below!


She will step on equal ground
And when she does I hope she steps all over your face
And when she does I’ll be right there kicking you on the ground
Are you ready for her?
I watch in awe as she destroys you and pins you on the wall
She turns to me and says she’ll never stopI want to be her
As she walks through walls
And walks on the water you need
For the fire she just started now
I can’t even see me anymore
She’s the only one who I adore
Are you ready for her?
Are you ready to be destroyed by her?
I’ll be right there kicking you on the ground
I want her to burn everything in her way
I want her to burn everything to the ground
And I hope she remembers your address

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