Paradoxant – Asylum [Review]

Let me tell you a story that goes back in time.

One night, almost half a century ago, I attended a birthday party. An invitation to the world of the filthy rich.

I strolled around a room of fake smiles, calculated smiles and golden furniture. People were talking but not really listening to each other, such an annoying buzz.

A few young people, too bored to be there, too scared to defy their parents who requested their present were spread across the room.

And now, my guests, I present to you the Paradoxant. I have specifically requested them to play for us tonight. Please welcome them!

I turn my head and see a band of three standing up in the stage, playing awkwardly with their hands as everyone looks at them. They are all wearing fancy shirts and polished shoes. Was this their choice or was they asked to wear outfits that match the black tie invitation?

As the band starts playing their looks change! Their faces strong with no sign of their previous shyness, their playing confident, the sound from their instruments simply magical. By the time the first lyrics have been uttered, the young people of the room raise their heads to look at them.

I stand aside observing everyone. People’s movement becomes slow, you can see the glasses cling but you can’t hear any sound. The singing voice covers everything and the atmosphere becomes electrified. Suddenly, all the smiles, lies and excessive poses of these adults in the room simply don’t matter.

It’s only the young people who exist now. They have gathered in front of the stage, not dull anymore or weak. Their eyes fixed on the band, their bodies following rhythmically the melody and their eyes brighter than ever. The song is half finished but they seem ready to explode.

What’s that song they’re playing?, I ask someone.

– ‘Oh, that’s called ‘Asylum’. Hey, um, scr*w that place, we’re leaving after the band finished playing. You’re welcome to join us if you like.

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