Rock ‘n’ Roll made in Mexico. An Interview with The Shelter

  • Describe your sound in 3 words

Impulsive, dirty, homosexual.

  • You are a duo. I guess you use session musicians for each record? How does this affect your creative process?

Our producer, Julio Ortega lives in El Paso, Texas. So, he records most of the instruments, he is an old friend so he gets what we are looking for, we write the music and we send him our parts, he makes the magic happens.

  • Your new song is about agoraphobia and anxiety. Some people suggested that Lockdown could turn out to be one of the most creative times. What is your personal experience?  

The song its ironic, because it is about suffering agoraphobia, but then Lockdown happens and somehow you wanna go out. It’s almost like being cured due to Lockdown, haha. That is kind of like the personal experience for Elias (vocals), who wrote the lyrics.

  • How do you relate to the Mexico music scene? Which city do you think is the world capital of music?

We really don’t relate a lot to the Mexico music scene, we started this year, so we haven’t performed live yet. Yet, we sing in English and rock ’n roll its not at its best in Mexico right now. We wish we could help to make the Mexican rock scene bigger.

The world capital of music it’s either London or NYC, no doubt.

  • What is the best bass riff ever written?

The Chain – Fleetwood Mac. (It’s really not a riff but, Alf’s music theme is dope)

  • Your numbers in Spotify look very good. Is Spotify the music industry’s new Gatekeepers?

It is, whether we like it or not.

  • What is your favorite dish to make or eat?

For Javier it is Mole (Amazing Mexican dish)
For Elias it is tacos

  • One last thing we should know about you?

Javier (bass/guitar) is not gay

  • Thank you very much!

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