Robin Kester – Sweat And Fright [Review]

Two years after her debut EP Peel the Skin, Robin Kester makes a comeback with a new album scheduled for release on 11th September. The single Sweat and Fright is part of the seven track album titled This is Not a Democracy which is the second single to be revealed prior to the mini album, is already raising the expectations of the audience.

The song has the perfect combination to create a dark atmosphere. The sound is saturated as if coming from a tape. Hypnotic pads in the background to maximise the psychedelia. We loved how the vocals are not monopolising the space but move equally with the instruments, in a multilevel arrangement where everything has its own place and its importance highlighted.

With its ominous title, Sweat and Fright, sounds deep, dark and velvet. If it was a colour it would be purple. Yet listening to it, made me think of crowded bars full of well – dressed people, friends gathered in squares on a summer night with tourists flowing around them, lovers taking their clothes off with a curtain half closed. All these have no sound, the song plays on the background. It’s deep, dark and velvet but it’s not scary.

Listen here!

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