Jake Goodrum – Few & Far Between [Review]

During my younger years, I used to spend my weekend mornings watching teen shows. American most of them, filled with the drama, struggles and joys of people who were about to make the transition from being teenagers into adulthood. Pretty scary and exciting at the same time, no?

My parents sometimes made fun of me as they found them a bit cheesy or dramatic but up until now I believe that one should never ever make fun or diminish a young person’s experiences just because ‘these aren’t real problems, wait until you’re older’. I’m not talking about losing a dear person or battling a condition of course which is something truly challenging in any age. I’m talking about simpler stuff such as being mildly heartbroken or having a spat with your best friend. Young people feel everything to the extreme. This is a blessing and a curse but I respect those feelings.

This was a long introduction but it was necessary in order for me to explain my impression about Jake Goodrum’s EP. So, Jake is British and he comes from Isle of Wight, which might sound familiar to you if you are a festival goer. Yet, in some way, listening to his album instantly made me think of the TV series I was telling you about. His sound is young and full of emotion. It sounds honest.

Light vocals in pure symmetry with the tuneful melodies. The EP comprises of five songs ( no 5 is the acoustic version of no 1 ‘Smile’) arranged in the perfect order to make you feel as gloomy as you should be. You can spot the mood changing in every song but these aren’t dramatic changes only the natural ups & downs. In music, finding this balance is a real success and it seems that Goodrum has put the effort to make sure that the transition from each track to the other will make sense and preserve the atmosphere.

This does not mean that the tracks cannot be enjoyed independently but I would personally advise in favour of treating this work as a whole. Spend some time with the album, let it speak to you. Few & Far Between has this magical quality: You can feel the vibes of songs written by a young person, however, it touches the listener no matter what age you are or the range of experiences you had.

One last thing. Few & Far Between is a great name for a debut album. For the time being though, I will continue to refer to it as Jake’s album since I really feel that this work contains lot of his heart and soul, uncensored.

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