Y.LOH – Aire [Review]

Y.LOH, consider this my personal note to you.

I want to thank you for this song I did not know I needed.

I have coped well all this period with not going to clubs, bars, live gigs and concerts. I stay at home and listen to music. I dance in my living room with the lights off. I lie down and dream of the day that music venues will reopen. I am patiently waiting for the restart and the meeting again. It will be a fantastic meeting of people and a much anticipated collective meeting with music. For once, I think I miss having sweaty people dancing close to me.

I heard ‘Aire’ while I was doing some mundane task in my office/home and I felt an instant melancholy which was followed by the thought that a review should not make people feel melancholic. This is not true, though. Aire’s repetitive beat is calming and the string instrument adds not only an- always welcome- organic texture but also a shiver down your spine.

I will not associate this song with the pandemic because this would be sad and unfair. Instead, I will associate it with our vulnerability as human beings which is perfectly acceptable and natural. A song that speaks directly to your deeper emotions.

In a period that everything seems dry and plain, Aire has created a hole in time filled with tenderness. A solid reminder that good music can indeed act as a bridge facilitating communication with others but also with ourselves.

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