The Violet Stones – Shark [Review]

Despite enjoying an active musical presence since 2016, The Violet Stones officially introduced themselves last year with their debut album ‘Exordium’ which put them into the list of ‘bands to watch’.

Last month, the Australian group of three released ‘Shark’, a brand new single from their expected second album which already seems intriguing. Serving the grunge culture as a religion, Shark is a song driven by an explosive guitar riff and exhibiting intense energy. The female lead vocals certainly contribute to this energy as Sarah’s voice is to be held responsible for a lot of the dynamism the track brings out.

Complementing the sound, the music video is nicely produced while staying true to the raw beauty of the DIY mindset, we so much love. For those who would like a bit more analysis on the idea behind the concept, the band has posted a few words here you might want to check.

We can definitely spot a lot of dedication on behalf of the band and this is a sign that they could soon be established as a promising force in the rock scene.

Listen to ‘Shark’ here!

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