Twan Ray – We Could Start a Thing [Review]

You might know Twan Ray from ‘Halfway’ but in case you don’t then consider him your Friday treat and just in time for autumn I might add. ‘We Could Start a Thing’ definitely is a song for autumn rains and snuggles under the sheets.

The young singer and songwriter from Amsterdam created the song during (or should I better say due to being in) quarantine since himself describes it as ‘True vibes from a locked up mind’ after a deep soul searching period. If I had to guess I’d say that it went well or at least the calmness in his voice says so!

I am always excited to review work produced during lockdown mainly because I’ve done nothing and feel bad I feel that people take a step ahead and give us the keys to their mind palace (yes, this is a Sherlock reference), letting us glimpse into their inner worlds for a while. And this is quite fantastic.

Equally fantastic are also the production of the song as well as their lyrics which have this strange quality: they would have sounded super cheesy in any other song but they sound very romantic heard under this soft melody.

I can’t be objective anyways. My partner dedicated it to me and God knows I almost killed them during quarantine.

Well, if you feel you need some love then I’d suggest you give it a go and I don’t mean only hitting play 😉

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