The JuJu Exchange – I Can’t See My Eyes [Review]

The JuJu Exchange is a love triangle. First player is the band. Second player is Jazz. And the third, mysterious player, is everything else. A triangle where each part does not compete for exclusiveness but instead, complement each other.

The band is a musical partnership of childhood friends from Chicago. Their debut song called “I Can’t See My Eyes” is the band’s effort to reflect the state of great disturbance and confusion in US society.

The track is a cluster of elaborate and impressive jazz riffs, played by both brass and keys, that absorb the listener’s attention. Detailed and complicated lines that reveal the band’s natural aptitude on improvisation.

Then there is everything else. Fine electronic beats and unconventional samples blended in a surrealist atmosphere. A hypnotic 3 min piece from a rising band you need to add on your watchlist.

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