Afonso – Bloom [Review]

Friday evening. You just came back from the last class. The college dorm is noisy, full of life and everyone is preparing for the night. You share a dinner with your roommates as you usually do on Fridays. But this time you make it clear that this specific night you are not following them. Tonight is the big night. You walk to the next flat and you ring the doorbell. Door opens.

"Come and take a walk with me tonight!" 

In his latest cut called “Bloom”, Afonso describes to us this exact feeling. The heart-wrenching moment you fall for someone. The London-based Portugeuse multi-instrumentalist delivers an intimate, hypnotic neo soul track. The song’s solid groove is based in a drum section which has a touch of latin while the hazy melodies only add to the atmospheric vibe. The unique and jazzy chord progression accompanies Afonso’s expressive vocal delivery, at times a falsetto, which in parts feels intuitive and free-flowing. Definitely a song that will get stuck in your head. A song to remember. Like that night when you first went out.

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