Kiesza – Love Me With Your Lie [Review]

Your new get -out- of -bed tune, your work out track, your night out prep song as you apply some fabulous gold dust on your skin, courtesy of Kiesza. The Canadian artist has released her latest single ‘Love Me With Your Life’ extracted from her second album, titled ‘Crave’ and by hearing this we know why she chose this name!

Feeling frisky today?

Let the disco vibes uplift your mood – trust me it would take seconds- and stop resisting this electronic addiction the song carries. You have had enough misery already and this is the perfect energetic sound to get you moving, out that door and into new adventures.

You know though, that here on Secret Eclectic, aesthetics do count so the music video couldn’t be left out of our critique and Ooh La La do I spot some sexually liberated scenario going on there? Yass! finally, some erotic but not cheap motion scenes to trigger your imagination.

ENJOY below!

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