Mutant Thoughts – Breaking Views [Review]

You know what I’m thinking? I am thinking that this song would be a total, epic fail in Eurovision.

[You read this right]

This is a compliment for the band mind you. I don’t have much love for Eurovision, in fact I feel sorry for all those great songs that have been so unappreciated over the years.

So why are you talking to us about Eurovision? You will ask. Well, because this song deserves to be enjoyed and introduced to an audience of thousands if not millions of people, like Eurovision has. That’s why!

In case you are not familiar with the band, Mutant Thoughts, is a trio from Bristol and ‘Breaking Views’ is their latest release, made available to the world only two days ago. Vocals are in perfect symphony and captivating (in this song, Fabiola Morales has also lent her voice as female backing vocals). Lyrics comprise of a blend of English and Spanish but the transition is truly smooth and by the time it happens you are so caught up in the music that you will probably need a minute to understand that something has changed. As for the music, definately under the umbrella of rock, with electronic elements, great dynamics and captivating riffs that compliment the lead vocals in a majestic way.

This track should be heard live with a band standing in front of the audience on a big stage, in order to unveil its whole glory. Until this is possible though, you can enjoy it here!

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