Natalie Nicole Gilbert – Wrapped Up In A Dream Called You [Review]

It is Saturday morning. You brewed the best tasting cup of tea. You bought a printed  newspaper (last time you remember yourself buying a newspaper was a decade ago?). And the cat is taking a nap near you, ready to take your spot the second you get up. All set! “Alexa, Play that new tune from Natalie Nicole Gilbert” 

Written by Steve Rice & Ken Morrison,  “Wrapped Up In A Dream Called You”  is a slow tempo, smooth jazz track that would make you both jubilant and wistful. Natalie Nicole Gilbert’s velvet voice delivery is trilling and earns her a spot among the greatest of the genre. The track combines a classic setup with Steve Rice on piano, Cary Black on bass and Devan Stovall on Drums while saxofonist Jay Thomas is crafting some soulful and expressive improvisations that soothe. An instant classic.

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