Yorxe – Like Me [Review]

I remember, it must be almost a decade now, when I first went to one of those interactive plays. You know, theatre that strays away from its conventional form and involves the audience up to a point. Well, the one we went to see then was taking place in the bar of the theater and the actors were moving between our tables, asking us things, lightly touching us making us part of their scenes. I don’t even remember the title of the play but today, while listening to Yorxe’s single ‘Like Me’, this memory surfaced and I swear this song would have been perfect. This is an electropop song using just two chords, the energy of which I adore and truly believe that should be choreographed and featured in a modern performance. Like Me is a hip song which has some dark elements in it. Obviously there are some clever lyrics and an imaginative clip which add to this (btw,these neon lights have stolen my heart) but the darkness is very much present in the melody too… something stressful that keeps you on your toes the whole time.

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