ZOMOZ – Like I Like It [Review]

Are there any songs you want to hear lately? I would say “Hmm nothing in particular”. So we make our own songs.


And they did. “Like I Like It” is a new, playful song by ZOMOZ, a Japan based group in which its members work their music remotely. You read it correctly. They do not even know each other. Nevertheless their sound is clean, robust and expressive, the result of a very clever arrangement where the instruments do not compete, but on the contrary, they complement each other. The band manages to  sound rich by playing less. Both guitars and keys, slightly panned, do simple parts that coincide with the moves of the leading melody. 

The band proves that language is not a barrier. And their music has the quality to transfer you along that road in Tokyo. The road that is always busy in the day but empty during the night. Except from that convenience store. That’s open 24 hours. You can listen to “Like I Like It” while walking past it.

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