An Interview with Peter Spacey

Peter Spacey delivers a gloriously overwhelming live session where tasty chord progressions are blended with fine homemade beats and organic nature samples. This is the music playing in my backyard during evenings, while wild birds lay over for a quick snack full of seeds.

  • Describe your sound in 3 words

Glitchy, Groovy, Spacey

  • Your music is a combination of quality production and very cool songwriting with original chord progressions and melodies. Tell us a few things about your creative process.

I started playing the keyboard at a young age, first with a traditional music education as a classical piano player that later developed into jazz keyboard playing. I started Djing at the age of 15, bought turntables, learned the art of scratch, and grew up listening to electronic music and experimenting with synthesizers and drum machines.

These three elements are the main elements of my music-making – if at the studio when creating and cooking my Spacey music, or on stage while performing.

Using these methods and the tools that surround me gives a solid framework for my creative process. I have specific tools to work with; my signature tools and the instruments that I feel most comfortable with to express myself – musically, technically, and conceptually.

Over the years I came to the conclusion that setting boundaries and ‘rules’ are vital when it comes to music-making and the creative process. Setting boundaries gives me a framework to peer into. Nowadays, more than ever, when you create electronic music using a computer, you have endless possibilities and can get overwhelmed by all the options for sounds, plugins, tools… When I started the ’Peter Spacey’ Project, I decided to limit myself to create music using only a few elements, which forced me to be creative and helped me craft a solid sound signature quickly. With that concept in mind, I decided to create a special music-making/performing booth that would contain only three main tools/instruments/elements for music-making and performing. With the help of my father, we built this special booth during the quarantine 🙂
I call this special booth – the Spacetagon – you can see it on my current release – Morning Haze Live Session or in my 30min Electro-Organic Live Session.

The Spacetagon is the ultimate spaceship for me when it comes to music-making, to perform and make my Spacey music.

The Spacetagon is composed of three limbs, each containing one of the main elements that represent a key aspect of my music-making tools/musical environment:

Front – Main 39 keys Keyboard (lead sounds and main harmonies)
Left – Small Synthesiser (synth Space FX, arpeggios, and melodies)
Right – Turntable ( scratch parts and Dj FX Flavours)

  • Which are your major musical influences? 

Daft Punk, Jean Michel Jarre, Flume, Sun Ra. C2C, the sound of birds, the quiet of space

  • What do you enjoy most? Writing music or performing your music live? What would be your dream performance venue?

I mostly enjoy creating/writing. Using the Spacetagon booth I can create on-stage while performing, this gives me the possibility to bring my studio environment onto the stage and enjoy both worlds – writing/producing and performing… I also assume that in this format people who are exposed to and experience my live show can enjoy it on a deeper level, and feel the liveness of music-making over a ‘regular’ Dj-set format of playing tunes one after the other.  My dream performance venue would be an outdoor venue, surrounded by nature. Nature has a big impact and inspiration over my creative outcome. ’Cercle’ video series is super inspiring, FKJ session for instance… That’s one of the reasons that inspired me to take my musical instruments outside and record the ’Morning Haze’ outdoor session. This is the first video of an upcoming series; the Spacetagon outdoor sessions – series of original Spacey Music videos shot at different magical places.

  • If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be? 

The music industry is constantly changing; especially during the last couple of months with the pandemic, the music industry has experienced vast ups and downs. The only thing I can ask for right now is to make it more stable, and on the other hand, to try to adapt to the changes.  The new streaming platforms, virtual events and festivals are bringing fresh new opportunities,  For instance, this month I will have the opportunity to participate fully in the official Burning Man festival, after the organization announced that it would be a virtual festival. This option is available to me now, thanks to the world pandemic. On the other hand, I think we all miss the physical gatherings and hope they will soon come back.  Virtual events and festivals are cool, but if I can change something about the current music industry, it will be to bring back the physical events so the two worlds can coexist – virtual and physical – and we can have the option of choosing between them at any given moment.

  • When was the last time you danced?

Recently I recorded  a guest mix for a podcast that I was featured on, It took me 2 weeks to assemble and record the entire 1-hour set, 2 weeks of being super focused on little details and zooming in to the technical stuff, like beat-mixing and sound designing. After I finished perfecting the set, I took a day off, then returned with a different perspective, the perspective of a listener. I pressed play, raised the volume, and just danced for 1 hour in my studio 🙂 It was a super strong moment for me, after not dancing during the quarantine period – no shows, no parties no clubs.. This moment reminded me of the power of movement, this energetic medicine that connects you to the moment and has the power to heal, discharge, and recharge.  I came to the conclusion that I want to perform this set live at an ecstatic dance workshop or festival, share and gift this set with others when time will allow, and clubs/parties and assemblies will be permitted again.

  • Which book should we read while listening to your music?

Futuristic Science fiction books, astronomy, spaceflights, and space photography books.

  • One last thing we should know about you?

I released and created a lot of music, videos, and audio-visual projects over the past years, but I haven’t yet released my debut album which I’m working on for a long time and putting a lot of effort into. Really looking forward to sharing it with the world. Also, there is an upcoming series of outdoor live spacetagon sessions. If you like my current video – ‘Morning Haze’ I welcome you to keep on following for the future videos and other upcoming space candies:


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