Sara Abraham – Big Man [Review]

Sara Abraham is an emerging Cypriot artist, currently based in Rotterdam, and ‘Big Man’ is her pop-bossa nova debut single flavored with hints of Latin and Jazz. The song is characterised by its discrete tones which support some very mellow and reassuring vocals. Big Man has a calming and pleasant sound which also shows that there has been lots of excitement as well as complexity in its creation process. The track combines a classic setup. The bass is coordinated with the drums in the rhythm section nicely while it is worthwhile┬áto mention that the song contains both piano and a jazz guitar that compliment each other splendidly. Choosing such a high quality track to mark her entrance to the music scene is a wise move by Abraham, whose EP is to be expected in September. It is wise because she knows she’s got it and she is giving us just enough (time and content) to appreciate the taste and effort she has put in the song and to keep us looking for her music updates with the beginning of autumn. I have not still said much about the general feeling that the song evokes and this is because it has left me confused. It is definitely nostalgic but at the same time it is moderately optimistic and cheerful. To me, Abraham’s voice is meant to soften you, to help you back off a little, gather your thoughts and unsharp any moodiness you might have (I know this is not a proper expression but you get the point, no?). The interesting bit is that she manages this while avoiding the traps of becoming corny. And if she can do this, then I suppose there are only great thing to await from that young woman creator.

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