Celsey McFadden – Sor to the Eleventh Dimension

Fernando Sor (1778 – 1839) was a Spanish classical guitarist and composer. He was dubbed the ‘Beethoven of the guitar’ by the influential music critic from the time, François-Joseph Fétis. His “study in B minor” is considered a true standard in the classical guitar repertoire. How does one breathe new life into a centuries old music piece? Composer and producer Celsey McFadden has the answer in this first single from new record label and music collective Aberration Records. With the  help of classical guitarist Damien Kelly and flutist Jessica Kelly from New York Redbrick Duo, composer and producer Daniel McDermott (UK) for the piano parts and  Francis Moore-Colyer (Scotland) for the violin parts, Celsey manages to reinvigorate this timeless piece. Imagine the warm sound of analog electronics you could hear in a Vangelis’ song, sprinkled with some psychedelia drops wrapped in a melancholic package. A modern rework that is not afraid to experiment but at the same time respects and acknowledges the original work.

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