Nàca – Kiku San [Review]

Nàca comes from London, a city that traditionally hosts a plethora of music artists who respire with talent. The trio has a unique member composition that renders them a band constantly at the experimental stage. They combine live drums, acoustic guitar and strings in a mind-bending way which is very hard to explain. The song’s minimal chord progression does not limit its potential, but instead is setting the foundation to support the infinite distinct string patterns we hear throughout. Imagine the complexity of a flylo composition blended with an epic string arrangement by Hans Zimmer in a track produced by Benga. This will be appreciated by the classic electronika audience but it will also make an impact to those fond of a more experimental sound. We personally can’t wait to experience this band live in a small intimate venue.  Would it be easy to imagine a 6 minutes song where all the vocals are played in reverse? Listen below to find out!

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