I Say NO by Camila Andrew

‘In the way home we don’t want to be brave, we want to be safe’. This slogan reflects perfectly the everyday reality faced by thousands if not millions of women worldwide. All those who have to walk in well-lit streets pretending to be talking to the phone, holding their keys between their fingers be constantly on alert. For many women, home is not a safe space either. Unfortunately, sexism is still alive: Catcalling in the street, discriminatory and dismissive behaviour at work, verbal of physical abuse are only some examples of problematic behaviours which remain normalised within societies.

Females are continuously reminded that they should be careful not to get assaulted/harassed/raped as if the responsibility lies with the victim and not the perpetrator… They have to always clarify that they do not hate men when speaking up for their rights. They need to be calm when demanding justice inside and outside of the house, otherwise they risk being characterised as paranoid and hysterical. They can say ‘no’ at the bar but it is more accepted (and quicker) to say that they have a boyfriend than that they simply don’t want to go out with someone. Currently, females are told that feminism is no longer needed because equality has *almost* been reached , yet it is at the same time that women rights related to childbearing and abortion for instance, are under serious attack and that survivors of abuse still need to prove their claims of having been abused in ways that often traumatises them further.

There are so many issues to be discussed but this would take a while. So I’ll leave it here and I will only say this: I was really happy to hear ‘ISayNo’ by Camila Andrew. A sweet and calming song with simple yet very much to the point and relatable lyrics. I was equally glad to see the minimal but creative videoclip she created on her own, which contained some serious pointers to intersectionality. Her voice complemented the song beautifully and spread positive vibes along with a powerful message.

The Movement

‘On May 22, 2020, Colombian/American artist, Camila Adrew, released her female empowerment anthem, “I Say NO”, globally. Today, we are looking to continue spreading Camila’s message. Welcome to “I Say NO: The Movement”. We are building a series of events, social media awareness and more to bring light to physical, verbal & sexual assault on women and the overall topic of Women’s Rights.’

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