DUCKWRTH – FIND A WAY ft. Alex Mali, Radio Ahlee, and BAYLI

In July 1st, Rapper Duckwrth released a new song slash project titled ‘Find a Way’ in a coming together with Alex Mali, Radio Ahlee and BAYLI. The song which pays homage to the fight for racial equality and social justice led by the Black communities worlwide, celebrates strength and resilience which are vital ingredients in order to sustain what seems to be a never – ending battle against racism, oppression and discrimination. While rage and the feeling of injustice might be the force igniting a movement, it is solidarity and the sense of belonging and mutual care which can guarantee the continuation and evolving of a cause.

It’s all apart of the plan
I tough I fight
i big up my friends
I put in my time
I water my plants

The lyric videoclip does not stay unnoticed of course, as it features powerfulrecent photos from various BLM demos and as this happens right now, it causes an extra chill in the back when thinking that you might have been in one of these gatherings only a few meters away.

Be part of the project


Here is the official music video.

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