An interview with Artboy.

  • Tell us a few words about you please.

My name is Abson, I am a infographic vector artist and political activist, I exhibited my artworks around the world (Ukraine, France, Australia, Malaysia. I worked with activists in Texas for the legalisation of Marijuana). I grew up around Asia and in Europe. In poverty and in richness. Nowadays; I started a music project and performed Slam poetry around Brussels. I worked with activists, and often go to protest in London (DSEI, extinction Rebellion). I’m invited on local radio, I have been a few times on Belgian Tv through Slam poetry. I exhibited with Nike Football for Hypersense in Singapore.

  • What makes Artboy ‘invisible’ and what does the ‘Invisible Revolution’ stand for?

Artboy Invisible Revolution (AIR) stands for the liberty found outside of ego. The full acronym is AIRMAP – MAP stands for Music Art Poetry. To reconstruct the maps of the psyche are important within our mind. Developing a proper vision of our world, maps help us to make our minds sharpened as the needles of a clockwork. But what is the meaning of Time? Are our minds ‘Free’ enough to make the best out of our invisible Knowledge?Most of our world, that it be ideas, concepts and ideologies are pretty much Invisible to our eyes. Most of the world is invisible, do we see things properly? There are the material people, and there are those who see through the invisibility!

  • Is there a need to make and experience art that is political nowadays? Why?

To construct an idea, is as important as being able to deconstruct it properly. Many politics from left to right have been corrupted at some points of history. I have allegiance to none and much prefer philosophy than the political spirit. Everybody can be a critic, but can we be humane, can we fight with dignity? Can we be able to accept our own mistakes and go deeper within our own knowledge about ourselves? I started through graphics wanting to deconstruct false ideas, false paradigms, propaganda and theories. Now I make it-out with words, poetry and rhetorics; we need better guides, leaders or rather better friends. We need a proper society willing to finance more artists, to develop creativity out of the brain that only seeks for recognisability. Art is political; because it needs money in order to survive. Money corrupts artists, or at least stops us working for independent ideas (see for example

  • You engage with different types of art from poetry to music and graphic design. What is the main message you want to communicate through them?

‘Impossible is nothing’, to work inside, to create outside of the structures. ‘Just do it’, you can set your mind to a perfect comprehension of art and poetry. You can use your left and right brains, combine them. Make the best outcomes. Make an income from Nothing. Tell the Truth. Freedom rings as a perfect calling. Go places outside from the maps. And join the invisible realm of ideas & conceptions. Perfect your mind and your arts. Work on yourself. Your heart is your personal artwork.

  • (How) Do you engage the public in your performance and what are the responses you usually get?

I’m a sticker artist, I contradict society. I am an assistant to my illusionist friends. Helping society is also to help individuals to become a better personified artist. I spent time in different fields of performances through meeting creative individuals. I studied a lot. I perform poetry in a way that my words seem dangerous, or savage. My goal is innovativity. To create independent minds. I perform often, I am labelled as too complex. Poetry and graphic arts can be difficult to be understood if we do not repeat what our leaders told us to think. ‘I think different’. I express critics to our post-modern society. I predict the future, or attempt to change its outcome! I am called invisible because I lean outside from these black and white structures of theories, & ideologies that stand too simple-minded, against the political shadows looming above our world. Clouds are over us; everywhere’ we still need the sun.

  • You have travelled a lot! Is there any memorable experience you would like to share?

I was invited to perform for Extinction Rebellion in London in 2019, slam poetry, in front of the Ministry of the Defence with (CND), I had the chance to perform on Trafalgar square in the presence of Stanley Johnson (the father of Boris Johnson). I performed poetry about James Bond, and Rats. I also travelled in Israel and Palestine, Egypt. As metaphysical adventure, I visited the tombs of Nietzsche, Shakespeare, Da Vinci, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Goethe, Tutankhamen, Salvador Dali, Jim Morrison, Harry Houdini, the ashes of Nikola Tesla. I performed Slam poetry in NYC, London; I live by my personal freedom, it’s important.

  • What should we expect from you in the near future, if you can reveal it?

I will soon sell everything, from music, to poems, to stickers, to prints, photography. Imperfection, weakness, shame and poverty. That’s the future of arts and poetry. Support artists. Give them love and kindness. Love them. Buy them better days. Buy and support our drying economy. Don’t forget we can’t set fire to the oceans.

Get to know Artboy here:

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