‘Angular Savvy Enthralling’ | Interview with H.C.BEHRENDTSEN

H.C.BEHRENDTSEN is one of the bands we are really proud to feature in Secret Eclectic. It is quite a challenge to maintain the musicality of an album while experimenting with its unconventional patterns. And H.C.BEHRENDTSEN did exactly that. Their debut record experiments with just the right amount of novelty without going too far. Read our discussion with the band below!

Describe your sound in 3 words

angular savvy enthralling

Tell us a few things about your self-titled debut-record. What is the story behind it?

Honesty the best story told behind the album you’ll get is while watching our DIY-animated musicvideos on YouTuBe. Every song is a microcosm, really – hold together by three friends with backgrounds in experimental and improvised music, jazz, media art, etc. who decided to spend hours together in their rehearsal space getting every detail of those microcosms straight.

Which track of the album, if any, represents you the most, and why?

If you want to listen to H. C. BEHRENDTSEN in a nutshell, then go ahead and put on “Ibiza/Heinz”.

Your songwriting is delightfully unconventional. As a band who also produces instrumental music, what are the biggest challenges you face when it comes to promoting your music?

We’re certain that there a lots of people enjoying the kind of music we do out there. The biggest challenge however appears to get in touch with the niches where the open-minded people are. Since DIY-blogs and magazines appear to be eaten up by Playlisting and Social Media and lesser people put on “the small-but-interesting shows” in their hometowns the promotion part became harder. But anyways, we’ll find you sooner or later 😀

A spaceship from a far away galaxy visits us tomorrow and wants to learn what Math Rock is. What makes Math Rock , Math Rock? Which album would you give them to listen to?

Put on Hella’s “Hold your horse is”. We guess almost anyone doing math rock would agree that Math Rock is a really stupid genre name. So what we’d be telling
our spaceship-fellas is: making Math Rock is like building spaceships (maybe different ones than theirs) and get your asses out there and be exploring unknown worlds (in music).

If the music of H.C.BEHRENDTSEN was a film, which film would that be?

Rick and Morty, not a film but that’s it.

If you were to find yourself transported through space and time into a well-known labyrinth, let’s say the Cretan Labyrinth. What song would you choose to listen to on your headphones while you attempt to escape from the Minotaur?

We’d go with “Labyrinth” by H. C. BEHRENDTSEN 😉

What’s next for you?

We’ll be touring in Europe in 2023 with friends like the band Orua from Brasil and Ultra Deluxe from the US. Simultaneously we’re working on a new record and already spent a couple of weekends in a recording studio with the producer zouj. So new releases are waiting around the corner and we expect to drop a new single/video by autumn 2023!

Thank you!


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