‘Dirty, Eclectic, Sentimental’ | Interview with Owelle

Final Announcement For Flight K3679ZT.
Straight from the underground, Owelle’s latest track features a frantic breakbeat mixed with ominous cinematic synthesizers. Fasten your seatbelt. We are about to take off.
Read our discussion with the talented artist below.

Describe your sound in 3 words

Dirty, Eclectic, Sentimental

Tell us a few things about K3679ZT. What is the story behind it? Also how did you come up with the name for the record?

I was on the plane on my way to my first international gig in Lisbon, Portugal. I opened my computer, wondering what series I was gonna watch. The thing is, I was too excited to be able to stay still and not think about the gig. I had to do something related with music. So I opened Ableton Live and in almost 1h30 the track was done. I got so addicted to it that when we arrived at the hotel, I couldn’t do anything else but wanting to finish it. Then I had no other choice than to play it at that gig, because it made so much sense, this track was inspired by this gig, so it had to be played there even though it was not mixed or mastered. I named the track after the flight’s number.

‘Detuned Leashes’ is translating the mood in which I was when I composed those tracks last year. It’s about daily things that don’t really make sense and can seem unreal sometimes. The first example I thought about was keeping dogs on a leash. When you think about it twice, it looses its purpose politically and ethically, and in a sense it becomes weird in an anthropological way. A ‘detuned’ sound is a sound that is a bit off the western standard scale, it is in between the real notes and creates a sensation of tension and weirdness. Seeing the world through a detuned point of view for me, it’s like seeing a painting slowly dripping. Plus, I actually detune a lot of my sounds !

What makes Geneva’s club scene stand out?

Its eclecticism ! In Geneva there is a proper club scene, but there are also some spaces that are not considered as « real clubs ». These bars/concerts places offers quality space to all kinds of emerging unknown or famous collectives to throw unique events. This creates a lot of magic by gathering a large type of audience and different types of parties. It allows escaping a bit of the well known codes of the black box techno clubs.

How do you balance your desire to experiment with different sounds and styles while also staying true to your personal brand and musical identity?

I honestly don’t try to balance. I think that everything somehow makes sense, in its way. What I play in clubs is really different from what I produce, but the choices I make when I create a playlist or when I create a track come from the same core emotion. If I’m thinking too much about those choices, I would lose the fun out of it. Music is a way to express, I don’t want to brand the way of expressing myself. But in the end, doesn’t that make musical identity ? Something not tangible that is made out of a thousand of parameters and create a unique patchwork, just like a personality ?

Should music as a form of art always challenge the listener?

I don’t think so. That’s the power of music, it can be created or listened in order to challenge, it can be created or listened in order to entertain, or it can be both at the same time. And it is so personal to tell which type of music is what, even though some genre as classified as pop or experimental. I personally find it more challenging to listen to PNL than Aphex Twin because I’m more sensitive to abstract and weirdness, but other people will tell you the exact opposite. The best is when different sources are mixed to create new indefinable genres. The best is also to listen to old good Pink Floyd (or whatever is not challenging for you) and just get entertained.

Artists and people that have influenced you?

It’s a quite strange to admit it today, but I was a real fan of Bastian Baker (Swiss singer-songwriter) when I was a teen, so I think he somehow influenced me in the past. Then I got super influenced by Radiohead, and then Jon Hopkins, Aphex Twin, and today I’d say Hermeth and Helena Hauff. In a more personal way, I would say my mother and my brother, they always know what to do in different types of situation.

Most iconic club night/dj set you attended?

Last weekend! I was playing before Jeff Mills at the Sirk Festival in Dijon. 

I was very sick the day before and had insomnia after the concert. A pretty intense weekend but the audience was absolutely on fire and the room was packed, I felt waves of happiness and adrenaline during my set. Also, I didn’t get to meet Jeff Mills at the concert, but we met on the way at the Lausanne train station, where we helped him translate the train information into French.

A song you are secretly obsessed with?

Corra Linn – Lanark Artefax

Thank you!

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