Free Whenever – Camino [Review]

Free Whenever’s song titled “Camino” is an atmospheric instrumental piece that showcases the multi-instrumentalist Brooklyn NY based duo’s talent in producing psychedelic infused music. From the very beginning, the work of of Neil Guleria and Trevor LaVecchia draws the listener in with a lovely acoustic drum beat that is enriched with to-the-point percussion. The main guitar pattern is the driving force of the song, and it manages to maintain its appeal throughout the entire piece. The guitar pattern has a nice variety to it, with the last part sounding totally different but still maintaining the same vibe.

The instrumental has a couple of layers, with dub-oriented guitars adding an interesting element to the piece. Despite being an instrumental, the song manages to keep the listener’s attention until the end.¬†Free Whenever’s music has a raw, authentic quality that is marked by vulnerability. There is no pretension in their sound, and they lay everything on the line, leaving nothing hidden. And you are invited to immerse yourself in the experience. Set yourself free! Dive in!

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