Memory Of Jane – How You Make Me Feel [Review]

The artist Memory Of Jane, also known as Maïlé Doremus-Cook, is a 20-year-old producer and multi-instrumentalist with British/French nationality, currently residing in South-East London. His new track titled “How You Make Me Feel” places great emphasis on creating a particular atmosphere. The relaxed beat is characterized by minimally toned percussion, which is panned heavily, producing a tense sound. Digital sub bass is skillfully mixed with organic sounds to enrich the arrangement. Dreamy warm synth pads serve as a cohesive element for the song. The expressive lead vocals add to the overall effect, giving the track a haunting quality.

According to the artist, “this track is an echo from a time of loss and confusion. It’s a message to someone. It’s a feeling, a coping mechanism. It’s a song to help him or her push through the pain, and fall right back in.

We know how we feel about the track. Its damn beautiful.

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